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On July 12th 2009, two videos containing short clips of Catie were released without her permission by a meager stalker group linked with iheartboxxy's "council", due to response of threats by users of 4chan's /b/.

The first video is Catie sitting at a table and keeping to herself, her friends ask her if she has anything to say but she just replies "No", then quietly says a few lyrics from a Regina Spektor song, Fidelity, that she was listening to at the time.

The second video is Catie sitting on a bus, and as before keeping to herself, her "friends" point the camera at her for a few seconds, then they leave her alone. Catie says nothing in this video. Both videos were filmed around April 2009.

Back storyEdit

The videos weren't obtained by accident. Quite the opposite, they were found by a iheartboxxy user named Shamage. Shamage added several people on social networking sites whom he suspected knew boxxy. He then looked through all of their videos and pictures for any glimpse he could find of her. However, Shamage wasn't the real leaker of the video. He gave it to a number of people in the iheart "council", a few of whom then started bragging about it on 4chan's /b/. On July 12th, after a few weeks of tension and rumors of "new Boxxy videos", a link to iheartboxxy was posted in a boxxy thread on 4chan during another heated discussion about the new "secret" videos. Angry /b/tards flooded into iheartboxxy and proceeded to try and dox Shamage and threaten all of the iheart users, many of whom had no knowledge of the videos prior to July 12th. Shortly after, as the threats were getting more and more serious, an admin at iheartboxxy uploaded the two videos onto youtube. Even though Boxxy only appears for a few seconds and barely says a word in the two videos, they still caused a storm of Boxxy interest and new fans.